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The lead horse in a herd is responsible for the survival and safety of the herd. Are you a true leader? A dominant bully? Or a passive leader? You cannot be a leader by just telling someone you are a leader, you have to prove it.

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Team Building

Is your organization going through a transition? Are you experiencing productivity and communication issues or maybe just looking for a new and exciting team building exercise? Then Horse Power Solutions is for you!

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Personal Development

Do you want to improve yourself and your prospects in life?  Are you working towards new goals and assess your skills and qualities to maximize your potential?  Working with horses can help you with various areas of personal development including:

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Our live, interactive workshops give you the opportunity to experience the powerful bond between humans and horses, and develop your leadership and teamwork skills in an entirely new way. With an animal that is so much stronger than you, you’ll learn how to communicate and work with them to create a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s an experience like no other!