Personal Development with Horses

Emotional Development

Become emotionally strong and work to develop empathy for yourself and others.

Mental Development

Improve self-confidence and make fear your friend.

Social Development

Improve your body language and non-verbal communication, improve your active listening skills, and improve your ability to get along with yourself and others.


Non-judgmental by nature,horses do not know or care about your past, your future goals, or your position in a company. They exemplify “mindfulness”by living their lives fully present in the moment; they see you for what you are in that moment and react accordingly.


Horses are very sensitive to the congruency between the outward behavior of another animal (such as stillness) and the clues to their internal state (heart rate/respirations). The definition of congruency is to be in agreement; corresponding; harmonious. This innate ability that horses possess aids in personal development because the instant an individual shifts the horse reacts accordingly, allowing you to recognize and improve immediately.

Elaine from HorsePower Solutions with a horse