Team Building with the Power of Horses

Let nature’s best leaders improve your team!
Work with horses in our live, interactive workshops led by certified equine learning specialists.

Team Building with Horses!

Let Nature’s Best Leaders Improve Your Team!

Is your team struggling because of poor communication?

Is your race car stuck in the mud?  Tired of your team spinning its wheels? 

Are you sick of ropes courses, trust falls, or team building exercises that are best designed to see which member is ready to compete in the next Olympics? 

If you said yes, then Horse Power Solutions is the answer for you! 

Our facilitators have developed a program that can point out where your team is strong and where it needs further development

We offer half day or full day sessions

In half day or full day sessions, we can assess your communication style, areas that need to be strengthened, and offer strategies for improvement.

Leave with a team ready to pull together

Use Horses to Bring Your Team Back to Agile Thinking

Why Horses?

Developing the skills to communicate with a horse builds empathy, trust, and self-confidence.

Working with horses also teaches us to be assertive without being confrontational.

The size of a horse is a metaphor for life’s bigger challenges and it is incredibly satisfying to get an animal that weighs over one thousand pounds to work with you, and not against you.

team building with horses workshop, image of a woman in the workshop

A Unique Experience

Horses provide an unbiased unfiltered, objective means of assessing how well a team works together to achieve a goal. 

Horses are prey animals meaning they are innately in tune to our body language and energy.  With no ulterior motives, they just give us honest, non-judgmental, and immediate feedback. 

Horses can read if what is present on the outside, matches the truth on the inside.  If the team does not work effectively and communicate efficiently, the exercise cannot be completed. 

A horse doesn’t care who the quarterly sales leader is or whether the dividends are meeting shareholder expectations.  What they respond to is our communication style and our ability to work as a cohesive unit. 

Only through true teamwork and careful communication can our specially developed exercises get one thousand pounds of flight instinct to do what we ask of them. 

Heather of Horsepower Solutions working with a horse